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Music for Dogs | Elements of the Paw
Lennox Gonzalez | John Williams
May 29, 2004 Irvine, CA | July 3, 2004, Blanchard, OK | Oct 30, 2004, Wantonga, OK | Sep 3, 2004, Memphis, TN


Music for Dogs Discography for Music for Dogs

(Dec 2002) Cover art work by: Lennox
Our first album is titled Music for Dogs. This album was our first collaboration together as a band. John and I lived in different cities and the geographic distance between us kept the work at a slow pace. Once the work was completed we cut the CD (which was mostly intended for personal use) and as more people heard it; we were encouraged to do something more than just keep it to ourselves. So here it is, for everyone to enjoy!

The album has many flavors of music on it, making the genre of music we play hard to place in one category alone. The album explores many realms, from new age all the way to progressive rock. This variety will surely makeMusic for Dogs a CD you will never get tired of listening to.

Order yours now.

Elements of the Paw - Dirty "Mutt" Mix Discography for Elements of the Paw

(Jan 2004) Cover art work by: Ebon
This is a limited time special pre-release dance single from the current project of "Elements of the Paw" named Dirty "Mutt" Mix. This is the title song of the next CD, but the dance beat of Dirty "Mutt" Mix version will only be available as a single. This single will be no longer be avaiable when the full 2-set CD release of "Elements of the Paw". So if you want this CD, don't delay in ordering your copy today.

The total playing time is 6:30 minutes. You may download the low bit rate MP3 HERE

Order your single now.

Elements of the Paw Discography for Elements of the Paw

(??? 2004) Cover art work by: Equus
Our second album is titled "Elements of the Paw" and will reflect emotionally the transitions experienced.

News Update: 17 Feb 2004, Looks like this will be a 2 CD release! There are too many songs to shoehorn on to one CD!

John & Lennox are shooting for a April 2004 release date of this CD. Watch this page for news when the CD is officially released!

You can pre-order this CD now for a $3.00 savings, Order yours now.

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