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May 28 2004 San Diego, CA | July 3, 2004, Blanchard, OK | Oct 2004, Wantongo, OK | Sep 3, 2004 - Mephis, TN

Sub-level 03

Sub-level 03The Band

Sub-level 03 started out as all things often do as an idea incepted by two creative individuals with a desire to create music relevant to their life and tastes. The first album took two years to complete and not only was content important, but quality of production loomed omnipresent, too. As a result we have an album that not only feels good, but sounds good; extraordinarily good taking into consideration all the material recorded was produced in either a bedroom or living room environment at either of the band member's homes.

Elements of the PawThis CD is getting close to be compleated, watch this site for the release date! Check out the single.

First gig of the year May just be in sunny Irvine, California.

Due to the's closingSub-level 03 is happy to present the new web site. With all things being new do please help us out by providing feedback, suggestions and trouble reports to:

Wanted ad for a drummer HERE.

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