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Music For Dogs (remastered) - 2006
Sub-level 03 started out as all things often do as an idea incepted by two creative individuals with a desire to create music relevant to their life and tastes. The first album took two years to complete and not only was content important, but quality of production loomed omnipresent, too. As a result we have an album that not only feels good, but sounds good; extraordinarily good taking into consideration all the material recorded was produced in either a bedroom or living room environment at either of the band member's homes.

Sub-level 03 consists of Lennox Gonzalez (vocals, guitars, keys and programming) and John Williams (pianos, keys and programming). Lennox brought to the band much performance experience as he had in the early and mid nineties performed extensively with various metal groups around Phoenix, Arizona. A seasoned vocalist and talented song writer, Lennox was seeking to expand his talents and break new ground stylistically. A chance meeting between Lennox and John offered to create just such an oportunity. John brought to band a wide variety of talents in production technique, composition. and technology thus making the mutual dream a possibility. Work on the first album began in November of 2000 and concluded November of 2002. Among the various titles considered for the album, the one most often mentioned was "Malfunction." It seemed every time we initiated a recording session "technological challenge" would present its self eliciting much colorful language, growling, and general insanity. However, there was nothing that we could not over come with a bit of patience and the help of a few crisp hundred dollar bills.

Now 4 years after it's original release, Sub-level 03 decided to remaster the original recordings with the latest state of the art technology available to home studios, giving the album a fresh new sound.

1. Project One Lo Hi
2. Music For Dogs Lo Hi
3. Cycles Lo Hi
4. Prelude No. 1 Lo Hi
5. Sea 99 Lo Hi
6. 4 Billion Years Lo Hi
7. When You Become Naked Lo Hi
8. Rogue Lo Hi
9. Binding Lo Hi

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