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Undercover - AUGUST 30, 2008
Three years after the release of "Touch of pink", Sub-level 03 unleashes their fourth studio album "Undercover". This two disk studio album showcases the band's ever-changing sound, along with tributes to some of their musical influences.

Disk One includes 10 cover songs spanning three decades of music, with hits from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Songs like "Shout", "Enjoy the silence", "99 red balloons", and "Don't you (forget about me)" fill this disk with a diverse sound sure to please any listener.

Disk Two will showcase new SL-03 material that is sure to please fans and make new ones. A new sound, mixed with some vintage SL-03 will give fans and listeners alike some audio candy that will please the ear for years to come. These songs will be accompanied with collaborations with three other artists, and a couple of songs dredged up from the SL-03 vault.

Disk 1
1. Shout
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Run Away
4. Don't You (Forget About Me)
5. Imagine
6. Cars
7. Enjoy the Silence
8. 99 Red Balloons
9. No.1 Crush
10. The Safety Dance

Disk 2
1. Undercover
2. 5 Minutes
3. In the Dark of Day
4. Legacy of a Boy
5. Zero Signal
6. Listen
7. Stand Up
8. Nausea
9. E.O.T.P. (Dirty Mutt Mix)
10. Mi Amor Eterno

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